The Royal Bones team wish you a dead cold welcome in our community !
This project is aiming to make a contrast between two realities.
The real world, and the virtual one. The living and the dead.
In this collection, we’ve tried to highlight different ages, through which the world got, each time, torn appart.. Hence the existence of two distinct kings, each of them reigning over their respective kingdom.
However, our intent goes way beyond these fractured worlds. So we decided to make the project go further. Post-mint, every holders will be gifted, if they’re willing to, something very dear to us : what will join the virtual back to the reality…


Phase #1

As every nft project is able to arise thanks to its OGs, the first key step of ours is building a strong community.
Thus we’ve provided several communication channels (Twitter & Discord), through which we’ll keep you updated on the progress of the project and stay in direct contact with you

Time of the release ! On the 1st of December 2022 (16:00 UTC), you’ll get the chance to mint your very own Royal Bone among the collection of 5555 pieces, each of them being deadly unique.

Phase #2

Phase #3

After two months of keeping your bones in their graves, you can request that they be materialized as true works of art. It’s time for the team to get to work on the design and installation to bring your framed royal bones to life !

Once your frame(s) got shipped and received at your home, you will own the embodiment of the two realms’ alliance. The real world and the virtual world will now be in your hands…

Phase #4



CEO & Founder


CTO & Co-Founder


Community Manager




NFT stands for « Non-Fongible Token » which means it’s a unique digital asset that can be owned and traded.

They will be available on the SOLANA blockchain

The Royal Bones Collection is made up of 5555 NFTs.

The day of the MINT is December 1, 2022 at 16:00 UTC

You can find a MINT button on Twitter and the Website.

Following the sale of the collection, after two months, holders will  be able to claim their NFT as a real framed art piece.